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"What you mean it's not finished?"

When I started writing Aeons, I didn't really think it would get that far. Not talking about how many chapters it has, but about how different it is from Cyber Moon and my previous attempts at a fic.

Practice may not make perfection, but it at least makes a better thing each time I try.
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*Obvious pun goes here.*

Still alive, still writing fanfics, still gaming, still thinking writers should just shut up about how other writers' stories suck and write their own porny suckfics. *Sideglance.*

I'm a bit surprised at how different Aeons is to Cyber Moon, I think I grabbed the meaning of 'rewrite' and run off with it. Can't add more Senshi? Okay, I'll just add a couple dozen side characters.

That's it, no more webcomics for me.

I used to be a webcomic reader, just like you. Then I took one too many non-endings to the face.

Well trolled, Ctrl-Alt-Del, well-trolled.

"Not ending, just rebooting" you say? That's even better, because reboots are usually awesome. //Sarcasm.
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Dark Souls. So this was the OMG SO HARD!!!!!!11!!! game?

I guess most gamers are too focused in the button-mashing part to realize that if you focus on the RPG aspect, the game's quite easy.

Minotaur miniboss? He wasn't that tough at level 30. The gargoyles were sleep-inducing at level 50. Meh.

And yeah, the rest of the game isn't hard if you take some time to raise stats and gear up.
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Original fic is such a sarcastic term...

My old "Shadow Hunters" original fic... It's been unfinished and unreleased for about one decade. It needs a lot of work, starting by getting a better title for it, and knowing what the ending will be.

But it's quite likely I won't even start rewriting it. Cyber Moon's side stories and Aeons take what little time I dedicate to writing nowadays.
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Borderlands 2: Didn't disappoint.
Torchlight 2: Didn't disappoint.
The new X-COM: Not sure yet, trying to acquire it right now.

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Others suck at writing, therefore I'm a good writer.

I used to believe that. But really, not caring about how others write helps in the long run. Improve yourself, let others rot in their bad grammar and cookie-cutter romance fics.

Poasting about how X and Y are sucky trends and making fun of them with a group of equally intellectually-challenged hominids, does not improve your stories, and that's the only thing that should matter to any writer-wannabe out there.

In other words, shut the fuck up and write. You know who you all are and unfortunately for your mafia's ego, I won't bother reading any wank thread that spawns from my decision to post this.

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Yes, still alive.

Will fix my internet connection soon. But I don't know if I'll be playing online much. Why?

Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2.

That's why.

Also, War of the Human Tanks and Hunted: Demon's Forge (I said the second one was bad, a while ago, but it's not such a crappy game once you get to know it.)